Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta


Our History

The MHSA initially formed as an informal society in 1986, from the enthusiastic efforts of Harry Stauffer (Tofield), Jean Penner (Edmonton), Henry Goerzen (Didsbury), John & Irene Klassen (Calgary), David Wiebe Neufeldt (Lethbridge), and others. It remained a small effort, holding some meetings and issuing a newsletter three times. But, like so many other province-wide ventures, suffered from the difficulties of communicating well across such a large geographic area.

In 1997, the MHSA re-established itself. Since that time we have amassed thousands of books, periodicals and have a developing archive of Alberta Mennonite records. And, in 2002, we have a permanent home for all these resources and small meetings - in the mezzanine of the Calgary Thrift Store (2946 - 32 Street NE).

We lean on our history by continuing to receive active support from some of the founders and we lean on current technology to overcome some of our geographic differences. We hope you'll join us in our journey - through our library & archives, meetings held twice a year, through our books and newsletters, and through our website.

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