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Berislav Map


This map was originally published by the cartography department of the Russian military topography corps in Moscow in 1919. It was apparently part of a series that covered all of Ukraine and probably all of Russia and eastern Europe. It is written in Russian and was drawn at a scale of 1:420,000. This map covers the area north of Crimea including Berislav and Melitopol.

This map was purchased in 2005 in Moscow, Russia by Svetlana Martins and she sent scans of this map and others to Tim Janzen in Portland, Oregon in June 2005. Tim has made the scans available to be posted on this web site, and is not aware of any maps of Russia or Ukraine from this period that show more detail than this.

If you are aware of maps of Russia or Ukraine that show more detail than these maps that were created prior to 1940 please contact the MHSA and/or Tim Janzen, with some understanding about how they might be shared. Scanning the maps could be arranged so that they could be added to the MHSA web site. The MHSA is also particularly interested in professionally preserving old maps in archival settings. The MHSA could help with that as well if anyone needs assistance preserving old maps.

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Since this map was created in the Soviet Union prior to 1973 it is not protected by copyright under prevailing legislation. As a result, you should feel free to use, print, republish as you like. Credit indicating that you acquired them at the MHSA web site would, however, be appreciated.

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