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Got Mennonite family photos that you can't identify? Maybe you know the decade or place that they were taken, but there's one mysterious person who you just can't identify. Why not send us a scan (queries at We'll place it here and advise the MHSA e-list that it's here.

You'll immediately have a whole host of like-minded persons who just might be able to help out with a critical detail that starts you on the path of fact.

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Another set of Mennonite images that need identification help can be found at the Mennonite Church USA Archives "unidentified" selection.

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Eleanore Woollard (jmrwoollard at
The photo is of Johann Epp, son (5th child) of Heinrich and Katharina (Tiessen) Epp of the Vassiljevka/Neuhof Estate, near Rosenhof in the Schoenfeld Volost. Born in 1905. He later lived in Gnadenfeld and married there. I think his forehead is a bit lighter, indicating that he may have been working outside with a hat. He became a truck driver in the Gnadenfeld collective, and was taken by the authorities in 1937.
Does anybody know what kind of uniform this boy is wearing? Or is he just dressed up for the photo? Looks like he's wearing a medal. Any suggestions?
I have scoured the Mennonite pictorial books by Quiring and Lorenz (both English and German versions), but can’t find anything.

Posted 19 Jul 2013


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