Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta


Postcards from the Past: 1940-1949

Year: 1943
Theme: Historic Site - Grave of Buffalo Bill on Lookout Mountain, Colorado - Shrine of a Nation to the Hero of the Historic West
From: Katharine, Denver, CO
To: Mrs. C.P. Heinrichs, Kirk, CO
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Submitter: Leann Heinrichs Strobel
(strobelite at
Card No. 2008.039


Year: 1942
Theme: Travelling Greetings
From: Johann W. Rempel in Banff, Alberta
To: Mrs. Johann W. Rempel (nee Anna Kaethler) in Mount Lehman, BC

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Submitter: Judith Rempel
(rempel at
Card No. 2008.002


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