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The Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers in South Russia

Compiled March 2002 by Tim Janzen & Tatyana Makarenko


File 106. File concerning the issuance of passports for Mennonites from Kronsgarten, namely Franz Banman, Mr. Bartel Mewsen, and Wilhelm Plenert, to move to Prussia.

  1. This file has been lost.

29 Feb 1802 to 25 Jun 1815. 326 pages.

File 108. Petition written by the Mennonite Abraham Janzen from the village of Schoenwiese to sell his mill and spend this money to support his household.

  1. The petition and correspondence regarding this petition.

These documents are written in both Russian and German.
17 Apr 1802 to 6 Feb 1803. 14 pages. 27 frames.

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