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The Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers in South Russia

Compiled March 2002 by Tim Janzen & Tatyana Makarenko


File 358. File concerning complaints of different colonists against their fellow colonists and other people regarding borrowed money and property.

  1. Correspondence from the Guardianship Office with inspectors about collecting private debts (pecuniary and property) in certain colonies (list of these colonies provided).
  2. Correspondence from the Guardianship Office regarding the same matter with the Melitopol Local Court, the Chief of Police of the District, the Ekaterinoslav Local Court, a member of the Guardianship Office, Mr. Rozenkampf, Tavrichsk Civil Governor Borozdin, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ekaterinoslav City Police.
  3. Petitions from the colonists to the Guardianship Office to provide assistance for the return of their money and property.
  4. Loan certificates, bills, and lists of borrowed items.

These documents are written in both Russian and German.
25 Feb 1808 to 14 Jun 1820. 165 pages. 264 frames.

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