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Coaldale Bible School, 1963 - Index of Photographs

Hilda Neufeld
Hilda Neufeld, Didsbury, AB
"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you" - I Pet. 5:7

The photo above is an example of a scan of one of the halftone black and white photos in a yearbook which was about 1.25" wide.


We scanned the image at 600 dpi to a tif (tagged image format) file, applied a gaussian blur of 2.25 to make the impact of halftones least visible, proportionately resized it so that the resulting image is 150 pixels wide, and then saved it as a jpg for presentation in a web page.


Self-serve photocopy - $.25
Assisted scan - $5.00
MHSA-prepared tif & jpg - $10

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Following are the students listed and photographed in the 1962/63 yearbook of the Coaldale Bible School. We offer this listing in the event that a biographer, historian, or genealogist is interested in locating a photograph of any of these people. Apart from the names, each student's photo is accompanied by a Bible verse.

If you would like a copy of a photograph (photocopy, tif or jpg file), from our yearbook collection, you are welcome to come to the MHSA and prepare your own copy. Or, we can prepare a tif and jpg for you and send them to you by e-mail attachment.

To the right is an example of one photograph from the 1955/56 Canadian Mennonite Bible College yearbook.

  • Allert, Elvira - Lethbridge, AB
  • Bensler, Elsie - Pincher Creek, AB
  • Braun, John - Coaldale, AB
  • Doerksen, Esther - Coaldale, AB
  • Dueck, John - Lethbridge, AB
  • Dueck, Nellie - Coaldale, AB
  • Dyck, Trudy - Pincher Creek, AB
  • Enns, Kathy - Coaldale, AB
  • Heidebrecht, Helen - Coaldale, AB
  • Hendricks, Dave - Grassy Lake, AB
  • Hiebert, Jessie - Coaldale, AB
  • Hildebrand, Betty - Grassy Lake, AB
  • Hubert, John - Coaldale, AB
  • Janz, Agnes - Coaldale, AB
  • King, Mr. - Coaldale, AB
  • Koehn, Betty Anne - Taber, AB
  • Kopp, Elsie - Coaldale, AB
  • Kroeker, Eleanore - Coaldale, AB
  • Loewen, Sue - Coaldale, AB
  • Nikkel, Betty - Coaldale, AB
  • Pankratz, Elfrieda - Coaldale, AB
  • Petkau, Jake - Vauxhall, AB
  • Plett, Hank - Gem, AB
  • Poettcker, Elsie - Coaldale, AB
  • Poettcker, Selma - Coaldale, AB
  • Ratzlaff, Harold - Coaldale, AB
  • Reimer, Henry - Vauxhall, AB
  • Richert, Wildred - Coaldale, AB
  • Schmidt, Agnes - Coaldale, AB
  • Schmidt, Gustav - Coaldale, AB
  • Schmidt, Mathilda - Edmonton, AB
  • Thiessen, Rudy - Strathmore, AB
  • Traber, Bill - Coaldale, AB
  • Tschetter, Anne - Coaldale, AB
  • Tschetter, Sara - Coaldale, AB
  • Unruh, Hertha - Vauxhall, AB
  • Wall, Betty - Gem, AB
  • Warkentin, Esther - Gem, AB
  • Warkentin, Frieda - Gem, AB
  • Warkentin, John - Coaldale, AB
  • Wiebe, Milton - Gem, AB
  • Wiens, Margaret - Gem, AB
  • Willms, Martha - Pincher Creek, AB

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