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Dialogue from MHSA e-list (Karin Bock, Don Kauffman, & Glenn Penner)

Don Kauffman:

No Bock in Gratz, Delbert L. (1997). Was Isch Dini Nahme? What is Your Name? - A Collection of Swiss Family Names. Morgantown, PA: Masthof Press (catalog  No. 1574).

Glenn Penner:

Bock, in German, means buck. If it were a family name of Swiss Mennonite origin it would be classified under category 4 in the book mentioned by Don: family names derived from animal names. The best source for Low-German Mennonites is Gustav Reimer's Familiennamen. Unfortunately it has been out of print for years. It is also written in German, which is a problem for those who can't read German.

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