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Mennonites in Canada, 1938-1970: A People Transformed

by MHSA Member, Ted D. Regehr

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"When war broke out in 1939 Canadian Mennonites were overwhelmingly a rural people. By 1970 they had largely completed one of the greatest "migrations" in their history - the transformation from a rural to an urban community. In this third and final volume of Mennonite history in Canada, Regehr shows how the Second World War challenged the pacifist views of Mennonites and created a population more aware of events, problems, and opportunities for Christian service and personal advancement in the world beyond their traditional rural communities."

So reads the flyleaf introduction to this book. The chapters are divided into five parts:

    Part One: The Setting
  1. Canadian Mennonites in 1939

    Part Two: The Crucible of War

  2. Wartime Alternative and Military Service
  3. Voluntary Service
  4. Refugee Immigrants
  5. Wartiome Changes in Agriculture

    Part Three: Years of Prosperity

  6. The Continuing Agricultural Base
  7. New Economic Opportunities
  8. Lure of the Cities

    Part Four: Preparing the Next Generation

  9. Nurture and Training of Youth
  10. Church and Community Schools
  11. Artistic and LIterary Voices
  12. New Leadership

    Part Five: Mission and Witness

  13. Mission at Home
  14. Mission to the World
  15. Pedace, Justice, and Social Concerns


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